CME Programs

“Information is Power” – PrimaCare Speciality Clinic offers a broad range of regular Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities through regular presentations by In-house and Eminent medical experts from around the world who come together to discuss latest developments in various specialties . The speakers of the CME Programs would be sharing the knowledge, learning experiences that they gained over a period with their practice, which once informed to participating doctor community can be help them in using as power tool to treat the diseases of the common man.

The following are the CME programs conducted by PrimaCare Speciality Clinic Team.

Continued Medical Education for Nurses


With a mission “Touching Lives through Quality Healthcare delivery” PrimaCare Speciality Clinic has always strived for the most efficient staff to care for our patients. As a part of Continuing Medical Education and training for our nurses a lecture and training with evaluation was done on 12th December 2015 at the Lecture cum training hall at 15th floor in Musalla Tower. It witnessed a very a enthusiastic participation of all the nurses .

Dr Bhaskar Gupta our eminent Specialist Pediatrician with tremendous experience in workshops, training and evaluation presented an interesting lecture on “Diarrheal disorders in children”. Practical tips on assessment of dehydration, its management and counseling of parents in this disorder were explained. The presentation was followed by interesting group discussions in which all the nurses participated actively. The programme ended with post presentation analysis for evaluation and understanding in which most of the nurses performed very well.

This activity was done with the aim to provide high quality and compassionate healthcare with highly motivated academically and technically sound nursing care which forms a core area in PrimaCare Speciality Clinic.

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