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PrimaCare Speciality Clinic provides state-of-the-art Non-Invasive Cardiology Treatment that brings together most qualified and experienced cardiologists in Dubai with advanced technology and the best working environment to ensure the highest standard of patient care.

Generally, heart disease or cardiovascular disease refers to any condition that involves narrowed or blocked blood vessels, leading to a chest pain (angina), heart attack, or stroke. In addition to this, heart conditions that affect your heart’s valves, muscles, or rhythm, are considered as heart diseases. In some cases, people are born with some kinds heart problems, regarded as congenital heart conditions, but in most cases, heart diseases develop as we age. Heart disease aka cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world.

Primacare Speciality cardiology clinic in Dubai offers a broad range of services that ensure the well-being of your heart, comprising:

  • Cardiologist Consultations
  • Cardiology Diagnostic services: ECG, ECHO, Computerized Treadmill Test (TMT)
  • PrimaCare Preventive Heart Checks

PrimaCare Speciality Clinic Heart Check Packages

Preventing heart diseases is of prime concern worldwide as they usually strike without any warning and are potentially dangerous.

PrimaCare Speciality Clinic - Dubai, referred to as one of the best cardiology clinics, offers a set of scientifically designed Preventive Cardiac Care Programmes which are, keeping the age-group and the gender of patients in mind. PrimaCare Cardiology Clinic - Dubai's Heart Check Packages guarantee peace of mind and a reassurance of healthy heart, allowing patients to share the joys of healthy life with those close to their heart.

The Cardiology Department of PrimaCare Speciality Clinic offers the following Heart Check Packages from Saturday to Thursday:

  • Comprehensive Heart Check
  • Basic Heart Check
  • Quick Heart Check

Learn More about Heart Attack & Heart Diseases

What is a heart attack?

Heart muscle requires oxygen to function properly, and a heart attack happens when the blood flow that provides oxygen to the heart muscle is remarkably reduced or interrupted. The coronary arteries supplying blood flow to heart muscle are getting narrowed or blocked due to a deposit of cholesterol, fat, or other substances called as plaque, and this process is called atherosclerosis. Read more

Interventional Cardiology Treatments

PrimaCare Cardiology Clinic, Dubai, has an expert team of cardiologists in Dubai with the highest level of expertise to render specialised care for various conditions of the heart. Backed by the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, our specialist cardiologists provide outstanding interventional cardiology services in Dubai. The Department of Cardiology offers the following interventional cardiology services. Read more

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